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iPod Touch 

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iPod Touch















Check out this app!!! - ( Control your iTunes player from your Touch )

Remote control iTunes


Front page apps


  • Wallpaper - (choose a wallpaper)
  • Calendar (add event)
  • Contact (add contact)



Voice control in iphone - hold down home button till Voice appears

           need VOIP headset or Apple headset with earphones and mic with iPod Touch

iPod Touch does not have a mic not does it come with one out of the box



  • Calculator - look at it horz and vert
  • Notes - (create a note)
  • Settings - WiFi
  • Weather
  • Maps - Go to Times Square New York

                       Orange button

                       Blue button

                       Not true GPS - it triangulates your coordinates using cell towers

                    (find your house)


iPod Touch App Store - (Download some Apps)







Presentation tip - use doc cam to show ipod touch screen

           Settings - Brightness

                       turn ipod brightness down

                       turn doc cam lamp down

           Screen shot - hold down HOME button & POWER button for a second and release,

                     this action creates an image of your screen and is sent to Photos


More front page apps

  • Mail - (Add Mail Account) any web mail Yahoo, Gmail, Live Mail
  • Safari (Make a note - copy text from website - and then send it to your mail account)
  • YouTube, Stocks, Weather, Voice Memos, Calculator, iTunes, Music, Video


     General - Passcode Lock & Restriction

               iphone configuration utility - http://www.apple.com/support/iphone/enterprise/








           Mail, Contacts, Calendars


           Nike + ipod







iTunes without a credit card




(Discover Apps on your own)


iTunes App Store
           Visible Vote *
           Simple Mind

           Comic Touch

More Apps
           Dragon Dictation         
           WorldAtlas HD


iPhone Accessibility        

          3 finger tap - accessibility and voice over




Your Favorite Apps?

















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